A note

And here we are at the end, a year since our first post – on the structure that started it all, salt. Three hundred and sixty five structures later (and with only one repeat, did you notice?) we are at the end of the Crystallography 365 project and the end of the International Year of Crystallography. Thank-you for reading all our posts, and we hope that they have expanded your crystallography horizons somewhat.

We’re thinking about the legacy for the project, if nothing else we’ll make sure all the structure pictures we’ve drawn make it to Wikipedia, upping the amount of crystal structures there. We’ll make sure all the structures we found that weren’t in the Crystallography Open Database (or any other) head that way soon. We hope that it will be a good teaching resource and a museum to the diversity of crystallography.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “A note

  1. Thank you guys a lot from Uruguay. You were my morning smile since I discovered your blogs by mid July, not only when they were funny but also when they taught me something new. I hope you can continue inspiring people around the globe with great crystal structures and comments on them. Why not opening the contributors list to some 50 people to fill up the next year… I’d love to contribute and I bet many more will too. Have a very good 2015. Leo

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